Tanzania Guide: Alex

Alex Tanzania safari tour guide

Review of Alex

We cannot imagine a better guide than Alex. We bonded immediately and felt safe and comfortable always.  We thought Alex was exceptional.

Spectacular Adventure!

As noted above, our guide, Alex was one of the high points of our trip. He was professional, very knowledgeable and very approachable. He answered our onslaught of questions – and was very accommodating to the needs/requests of our group. I know the rest of our group would agree that we all were sorry to say good bye to Alex. He was simply great!

Alex made sure that every day of our safari was special! Really special!

Alex was really great. He was charming, and knowledgeable, and very thorough. He was responsive (always waiting while we took 2 or 200 more pictures), AND knew when to push us to do one more thing when we thought we had done enough for the day. He really communicates a love of animals, which makes the sightings more fun and interesting. He guarded against anything going wrong and made sure that we had a special experience everyday!

Impossible to have a better safari

Alex is the absolute best – eyes of an eagle, friendly, accommodating and SO knowledgeable.

Tremendous Tanzanian Trek

We adopted him! He became part of our family from day one! I cannot say enough good things about Alex. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with Alex. During each meal, he gave us options for our next game drive. He further customized our drive which made the trip even more special. His wit and wisdom were not lost on us. We joked, kidded and learned a great deal about each other.

Once in a Lifetime until we come back

Alex was kind, patient, funny, enjoyable, joyful, competent, and sharing in addition to being able to spot and identify animals and birds perfectly. His sense of us and what we wanted in our safari was wonderful; he took time to stop and really watch all the animals and the birds. His sense of humor and kindness to us and to others was beyond perfect. After ten days with Alex, we felt he was part of our family and we were part of his. He made our safari a true once … Read More

Alex is a great guide!

Alex is a very responsive, alert, interesting, and enjoyable to be with guide. He had an uncanny, in a good way, ability to spot animals. He was patient with us and quickly learned that we liked seeing more than just the large mammals. He made an effort to spot birds, insects and reptiles for us. He is knowledgeable about the animals and plants and easily shared information with us. His English is very good. He is likable. He has a respect for the animals and the land. We got along … Read More

Review of Alex

Alex was great. He was incredibly knowledgable and answered all the questions we threw at him. We still don’t know how he was able to spot half the animals he found. He made us comfortable and was happy to go at whatever pace we wanted. He was a genuine, nice person and we really enjoyed getting to know him.

If you want to see the most of animals- Alex is a must have guide!

I think a guide can make or break the safari experience, since so many things and smoothness of the trip depends on him. We were lucky to have Alex, who was able to deal with all of our requests and questions. He made us feel at ease and accommodated our needs throughout the journey. He has a vast knowledge about animals as well as culture and history of Tanzania. And the most amazing capability- he has eagle-eyes!!! I still can’t believe how far he can see without the binoculars!!! So … Read More

A Trip Beyond Expectations

We could not have had a better guide; Alex exceeded our expectations. Alex’s English was excellent. His knowledge and respect of the animals was awesome. He had an amazing ability to spot animals. It was great to have a guide that loved watching the animals – he got just as excited as we did at seeing them. We were happy that he wanted to stay out as long as we could to a see the animals.

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