Tanzania Guide: Alex

Alex Tanzania safari tour guide

Alex is a great guide!

Alex is a very responsive, alert, interesting, and enjoyable to be with guide. He had an uncanny, in a good way, ability to spot animals. He was patient with us and quickly learned that we liked seeing more than just the large mammals. He made an effort to spot birds, insects and reptiles for us. He is knowledgeable about the animals and plants and easily shared information with us. His English is very good. He is likable. He has a respect for the animals and the land. We got along … Read More

Review of Alex

Alex was great. He was incredibly knowledgable and answered all the questions we threw at him. We still don’t know how he was able to spot half the animals he found. He made us comfortable and was happy to go at whatever pace we wanted. He was a genuine, nice person and we really enjoyed getting to know him.

If you want to see the most of animals- Alex is a must have guide!

I think a guide can make or break the safari experience, since so many things and smoothness of the trip depends on him. We were lucky to have Alex, who was able to deal with all of our requests and questions. He made us feel at ease and accommodated our needs throughout the journey. He has a vast knowledge about animals as well as culture and history of Tanzania. And the most amazing capability- he has eagle-eyes!!! I still can’t believe how far he can see without the binoculars!!! So … Read More

A Trip Beyond Expectations

We could not have had a better guide; Alex exceeded our expectations. Alex’s English was excellent. His knowledge and respect of the animals was awesome. He had an amazing ability to spot animals. It was great to have a guide that loved watching the animals – he got just as excited as we did at seeing them. We were happy that he wanted to stay out as long as we could to a see the animals.

Amazing Honeymoon and Unbelievable Guide

Simply, Alex was AMAZING! It was clear from the start that he is really passionate about animals and gets excited about being on the safari every time he was on it. He is extremely knowledgeable about all of the facts, but more than that, is an amazing observer of animals and can really tell you what the animal is going to do next. We also loved that Alex was super mindful and perfect for the intent of our trip. We were on our honeymoon, and as much as we liked … Read More

Review of Alex

Alex was great, very knowledgeable about the animals, their habits, tendencies, as well as other interesting facts. He also had a lot to contribute to the general flow of conversation since we spent so much time together!

Excellent guide, above expectations

Alex is excellent! Very knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, very skillful driver…….He always shared his advice with us, never pushing. Happy to answer a thousand questions about habitat, animals, etc. He really made the whole experience enjoyable and relaxed for us.

A 25 Star trip!

Alex AND Willy were our guides. My husband and I happened to be in Alex’s vehicle most often but shared everything with both. We were so very impressed with the overall “package” of our guides. Not only were they fabulous drivers, but they were concerned of our safety and their knowledge of the wildlife and habitat was truly impressive. Their contagious smiles and fun personalities added to the trip. Willy in particular was very engaged in our service projects. He has a gift for people.

A great trip through Wonderland!

Alex has impressed us with his professional capacity and wide range in dealing with us and the special situations that our Project Zawadi and Rotary project trips presented. He is like a brother.

The Best Safari in Africa

Alex was a fantastic guide. He is so knowledgeable about the Serengeti and Tanzania. He always seemed to be able to anticipate the groups needs and was able to provide for us.

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