Tanzania Guide: Peter

Peter Shio Safari Guide

Hakuna Matata! The Trip of a Lifetime.

Out of all of our travels, Peter was probably one of the greatest people we have ever met. He picked us up at the airport and made us feel at ease after 22 hours of travel. He was there to answer any question we had and was incredible at following the itinerary down to a T. Peter always ha the vehicle cleaned and ready to go for our next adventure every day. He was also extremely knowledgeable about the wildlife and was able to spot things in the distance we … Read More

Terrific Tanzania

Peter was charming and easy to understand (English language). He anticipated our needs and responded with very helpful info.

The Peter Guarantee

Peter was awesome! His wildlife spotting was off the charts. He kept telling us how lucky we were…only waiting 30 minutes for a Great Migration River Crossing, seeing two cheetahs within minutes of entering the Central Serengeti, watching a hyena try to steal a mother leopard’s gazelle kill and watching the mother leopard come out of nowhere and drag the gazelle up into the tree, then watch the hyena walk away, and many more! We told him it wasn’t our luck, but because we had the best guide. We called … Read More

Family fun learning all about the wildlife and cultures of Tanzania with Peter as our guide.

Peter was so professional, always on time (early), personal, honest, informative, and able to respond to our family’s mood/needs very easily. We had a lot of fun, and I genuinely think that he did too. One fun thing for us: testing each other with our facts while we drove about the parks. And, our family was amazed by all of the birds, small creatures and large wildlife that we saw with Peter as our guide. I would also say that Peter remained ethical with how he spotted and presented the … Read More


Peter was exceptional — very knowledgeable and friendly. We got to see a lot of animals, behaviors, landscapes, etc., and Peter always had interesting and informed commentary for everything. And while I know that there’s an element of luck involved in getting to see many of the things we saw, I also recognize that Peter’s skills as a guide, in tracking, having a good eye to spot things, having relationships and keeping in contact with other guides, etc. also play a big role in this — it’s not all just … Read More

Excellent Tanzania Safari

Peter is extremely knowledgeable, competent, and delightful to spend time with. He bonded very well with us, and particularly with our 10 year old grandson. Can’t imagine a better Guide.

Safari for the First Time

Peter was very knowledgeable about history, animals and birds. He was prompt and very efficient.

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