Tanzania Guide: Willy

Willy Tanzania Safari Tour Guide

An amazing time with Willy

Willy was amazing–he knew so much about everything, was flexible and easy going, but also kept us moving when we needed to and made sure we didn’t feel like we were just being herded from here to there to see the animals—his passion for the wildlife was great, and his patience to explore and wait and enjoy the wilderness was great. Willy made our experience the amazing time that it was–he is truly a fantastic guide and a great person and gets our highest, most glowing recommendations!

Willy was incredible.

He knows what he’s doing and pampered us through the whole vacation.


Our safari experience was extraordinary. The terrain, the animals, and the whole experience was almost magical. Willy was wonderful. His ability to spot animals was amazing and his knowledge of the animals and their behavior, the land, the history, and the culture of Tanzania was remarkable. And he has a great sense of humor, so we enjoyed many laughs throughout our safari.

Very friendly, funny and knowledgeable about everything

Mussa and Willy: AMAZING!!!!

Exceeded my expectations by far. I would recommend them to anyone. They were always in such a great mood and seemed genuinely happy to be with us every day. It was incredible to me the amount of information they knew about wildlife – they were able to answer our questions quickly and give additional information. Their cultural knowledge was also very impressive. One of my favorite parts about going to different countries is learning about the culture and they did a very good job. They also found us plenty of … Read More

5 Stars!

Willy was professional, prompt, knowledgeable and very friendly. 5 stars for willy! I would say his ability to spot animals was AMAZING. Hi ability to answer cultural questions was quite good.

Willy was great.

He was always concerned that we were seeing the things we wanted to and worked very hard to make our trip as spectacular as it was.

Highlight of our trip.

Our guide Willy was wonderful and certainly a highlight of our trip. He was serious about his work and took very good care of us in every way. His sighting ability was remarkable, and his knowledge of birds and the habits of other wildlife, were something that we really appreciated. He obviously loves his country and its natural resources and is very professional in every aspect of his job. We enjoyed having him as our companion throughout the safari and appreciated his contributions/thoughts at meals. We were very sad to … Read More

Informative and engaging

We thought he was fantastic and we enjoyed the time that we spent with him. He always had a game plan for the day, was great at spotting animals. He was always informative and engaging.

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