Tanzania Guide: Gerald

Gerald Tanzania Safari Tour Guide


Gerald is professional and personable. He became an instant friend to us. He was able to answer any questions we had regarding animals, culture and region. He knows where to go and had good communication.

Trip of a Lifetime featuring Gerry

Gerry went above and beyond and ensured that every safari day was exceptional! We appreciated all of his efforts to create an exclusive experience including game drives to less trafficked parts of the national parks. He also was great at coordinating our logistics with the lodges. We never had any concerns over his daily itineraries!

The best trip ever!

Gerald was great. Knowledgeable, professional, personable, and exceeded expectations on every level.

The Best Guide

Gerald is very knowledgeable about wildlife, not only mammals, but also birds and native plants. He was a good communicator, had a good command of English, kind and patient with us and our many questions. We enjoyed his easy-going, fun loving personality and noticed that he was well respected by other guides and lodge personnel. He demonstrated respect and knowledge of Tanzanian culture. He was always punctual giving us all the time that we needed and responsive to our interests.

Gerald – Expectations Exceeded!

Gerald was amazing, blew our expectations of what our guide would be. He took such good care of our children, treating them as if they were his own. He purchased them little gifts too. My little girls cried when they had to say good bye to Gerald. He was so friendly, it didn’t feel like he was just going through the motions, he truly loved what he was doing and loved finding us great things to see. Gerald was always thinking us us and the kids when making planning decisions. … Read More

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