Pemba Island


photo by Marna Herrity Congdon

Description:  An island just North of Mainland Zanzibar, Pemba is far-removed from the relative hustle bustle of Zanzibar. It is also known as the green island because it is lush with plant life.

There are often only a few dozen tourists on the entire island. Attractions include an ancient forest, archaeological ruins from the earliest Swahili civilizations, a few nice beaches and incredible scuba diving.

Location:  Just Northeast of Zanzibar’s mainland, reachable by short flight from Zanzibar

Things 2 Do:  Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Boat Tours, Visiting Ruins, Visiting Forest, Fishing, Big Game Fishing, Kayaking, Sailing

Time: Spend at least 3 nights.

Animals:  Pemba flying fox, marsh mongoose, a small variety of primates including the endemic Pemba vervet monkey, and interesting birdlife.


Kervan Saray Beach

Manta Resort
Catamaran Julia

Fundu Lagoon


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