Mahale National Park


photo by Ana Powers

Description: Mahale National Park is home to some of the last remaining wild chimpanzees: a population of roughly 800. Tracking the chimps is a fascinating experience.

It’s likely that you will observe them grooming each other in small groups, squabbling noisily, or bounding from tree to tree swinging on vines.

Watching a mother chimp with her offspring is truly remarkable. Difficult to reach and relatively expensive, Mahale has few visitors each year. And although chimpanzees are admittedly the main attraction, the park supports a diverse forest fauna, including troops of red colobus, red-tailed and blue monkeys, and a colorful array of forest birds.

You can also take a dip in the unbelievably clear waters of the world’s longest, second-deepest and least-polluted freshwater lake!

Location: Can only be reached by shared charter flight from Arusha. Combines well with a visit to Katavi National Park.

Things 2 Do: Chimpanzee Trekking, Hiking, Swimming/Snorkeling and Fishing

Time: Requires 3 or 4 night visit. Avoid Apr-May rainy season, though the November rains can be managed.

Animals: Chimpanzees, Red Colobus, Red-Tailed and Blue Monkeys and many colorful Birds.


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