Social Mission – Project Zawadi

Access 2 Tanzania provides in-kind and financial support to Project Zawadi* – a US-based non-profit organization that was started by Brian Singer in 2000 to support children’s education in Tanzania.  All three owners of Access 2 Tanzania donate several hours each month to facilitate the work of Project Zawadi.

Thanks to in-kind donations from Access 2 Tanzania, Project Zawadi never pays for vehicle use, office space, office equipment, phone calls, internet use, or international flights. This has helped make it possible for Project Zawadi to be 100% Direct Aid organization: all  outside donations go directly to programs on the ground in Tanzania. 

We realize that some people who travel to Tanzania may gain a desire to give something back to Tanzania. When that happens, we will provide insight and guidance to individuals who wish to provide that support.

Project Zawadi’s mission:
Partnering With Communities, Schools, And Teachers To Support Quality Education For Tanzanian Children And Youth

Project Zawadi’s Goal:
To significantly improve educational quality, safety, and access for students in our program areas.

Project Zawadi’s Principles:
A relevant, quality education should be a human right.
Children belong with families and their communities (not institutions).
Local communities know best what their most vulnerable children need.
Safety is of utmost importance.
Effective organizations require a diversity of perspectives and a commitment to continuous improvement, based on data.

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