Tarangire National Park

Elephants at Tarangire River

photo by Kimble Barker

Description: This park is known for its elephants.  You will see these enormous creatures travel in families and you surely will not miss the extraordinary care they take of their young.  The elephants tend to travel in packs and in the same paths as they have taken year after year.  When they see your vehicle coming closer they will gather around their young to protect them and lead them on their way.  Here you will have the opportunity to simply sit and watch.

Also in this park is the Tarangire River.  This river winds through the middle of the park providing nourishment for the animals and great viewing for visitors.  Daily large herds of animals and birds gather around this river so you will be sure not to miss anything.

It also boasts many Baobab trees, impressive trees that can live for thousands of years.  Animals can be found in the rainy seasons, but the concentration of wildlife tends to be better during the dry seasons.

Location: 2 hours from Arusha Town and almost directly between Arusha and Ngorongoro Crater.

Things 2 Do: Game Drives, Guided Walks (from select accommodations only) and Night Game Drives (from select accommodations only)

Time: Minimum of 1 night but 2 is better.

Animals: Though cheetahs are rare, you’ll find pretty much all the animals you will see on safari except rhinos. Has more than 550 bird species!


A2T Camping (public campsites)

Butman Tarangire Lodge
Kikoti Safari Camp
Burunge Tented Lodge
Tarangire Roika Tented Lodge
Sangaiwe Tented Lodge
Tarangire Osupuko Lodge
Whistling Thorn Camp

Boundary Hill Lodge
Kirumuru Tarangire Lodge
Maramboi Tented Camp
Tarangire Ndovu Tented Lodge
Nyikani Camp Tarangire  (formerly Kichuguu)
Tarangire River Camp
Tarangire Safari Lodge
Tarangire Sopa Lodge
Tarangire Tortilis Camp

Ecoscience Luxury Lodge
Lemala Mpingo Ridge
Little Oliver’s Camp
Naitolia Eco-Lodge
Oliver’s Camp
Sidai Camp
Sanctuary Swala Camp

Tarangire Treetops


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