Zanzibar Beaches

zanzibarDescription: Located just off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar’s pristine white sand beaches lined with palm trees and surrounded by coral reefs provide a perfect paradise for the conclusion of a safari.

There are numerous beach resorts (almost too many to count) at a variety of price pointes. Regardless of where you stay, it is likely that you’ll wish you could stay longer.

Give yourself at least 3 nights on the beach or you’ll be wishing you had more time, unless of course you already live in a place that has beautiful beaches.

Zanzibar has a lot of visitors these days. If you are looking for a nice place to relax but would rather avoid any potential of crowds, check out Pemba, Mafia, Rubondo Island, Pangani, Kilwa Kisiwani and Bagamoyo.

Location: Off the coast of Tanzania, a 2 hour ferry ride from Dar es Salaam or fly in to Zanzibar via the Northern Parks, Arusha, Dar es Salaam or the Southern Parks

Things 2 Do: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, Swimming with Dolphins, Local Village Visits, Game Fishing, Windsurfing, Boat Tours, Sailing

Time: Give yourself at least 3 nights on the beach, if possible.


Casa Del Mar (Jambiani)

Bahari View Lodge (Jambiani)
Flame Tree Cottages (Nungwi)
Kendwa Breezes Beach Resort (Kendwa)
Kichanga Lodge (Bwejuu)
Matemwe Beach Village (Matemwe)
Mbweni Ruins Hotel (Mbweni)
Menai Bay Bungalows (Unguja)
Mnarani Beach Cottages (Nungwi)
Pongwe Beach Hotel (Pongwe)
Tanzanite Beach Resort (Nungwi)

Azanzi Beach Hotel (Matemwe)
Changuu Private Island (Island)
Che Che Vule (Matemwe)
Coral Reef Resort (Pwani Mchangani)
Diamonds Dream of Zanzibar (Kiwengwa)
Diamonds Gemma Del Est (Nungwi)
Echo Beach (Bwejuu)
Fumba Beach Lodge (Fumba)
Hakuna Matata (Chuini)
Karafuu Hotel (Bwejuu)
Kasha Hotel (Matemwe)
Marumbi Beach Resort (Uroa)
Mchanga Beach Lodge (Kiwengwa)
Next Paradise Boutique Resort (Pwani Mchangani)
Ocean Paradise (Kiwengwa)
Palumbo Reef Resort (Uroa)
Shooting Star Lodge (Kiwengwa)
Sultan Sands (Kiwengwa)
Unguja Lodge (Kizimkazi)
Z Hotel (Nungwi)
Zanzibari Beach Hotel (Nungwi)
Zanzibar Dolphin View Paradise (Kizimkazi)

Anna of Zanzibar (Bwejuu)
Bawe Tropical Island (Island)
Blue Bay Beach Resort & Spa (Kiwengwa)
Breezes Beach Club & Spa (Bwejuu)
Chumbe Island (Island)
Doubletree Hilton (Nungwi)
Essque Zalu (Nungwi)
Hakuna Majiwe (Paje)
Kikadini Villas (Jambiani)
Kono Kono Beach Villas (Bwejuu)
Mapenzi Beach Club (Kiwengwa)
Matemwe Bungalows (Matemwe)
Myblue Boutique Hotel (Nungwi)
Neptune Pwani Beach Resort & Spa (Kiwengwa)
Ras Nungwi (Nungwi)
White Rose Resort (Bwejuu)
Zamani Zanzibar Kempinsky (Kiwengwa)

Baraza Resort (Bwejuu)
Bawe Tropical Island (Island)
Kilindi Zanzibar (Kendwa)
Mnemba Island Lodge (Matemwe)
Palms (Bwejuu)



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