Rubondo Island


photo by Karen Kim

Description: A peaceful paradise with untouched beaches, bird-rich marshes and rare animal species. Here you can go on foot or by boat. This is the only good place in Tanzania to find sitatunga, East Africa’s only truly amphibious antelope.

There are also other antelopes, vervet monkeys, small carnivores, hippos, crocodiles, reptiles and at least 200 bird species. There are also chimpanzees (unhabituated), elephant, colobus monkeys and giraffe, but you are less likely to see them.

It is also possible to go fishing for the Nile Perch!

Location: Island in Lake Victoria, reachable by flight from Arusha, Serengeti or Mwanza

Things 2 Do: Nature Walks, Fishing, Boat Excursions

Time: At least 3 nights

Animals: Sitatunga, Antelopes, Vervet Monkeys, Small Carnivores, Hippos, Crocodiles, Reptiles, Chimpanzees, Bushbucks and at least 200 bird species.



Rubondo Island Camp


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