Katavi National Park


photo by Ana Powers

Description: Isolated, untouched and with few visitors, Katavi is a true wilderness, providing a taste of the untouched Africa.

As Tanzania’s third largest national park it would attract large numbers of visitors, but it is in the remote Southwest part of Tanzania and difficult to reach. It is best to visit during the dry seasons (June through October) when water is scarce and for miles along the Katuma River, animals congregate in unbelievable numbers.

Towards the end of the dry season, up to 200 hippos might gather in one place and as more gather, the male rivalry heats up with ferocious territorial fights.

Location: Western Tanzania, reachable only with shared

Things 2 Do: Game Drives, Walking Safari, Fly Camping

Time: Stay at least 3 or 4 nights. Go in dry seasons: June to October and late-December to early March.

Animals: Thousands of Elephants, several herds of 1000-plus Buffalo and an abundance of Giraffe, Zebra, Impala, Hippos and Reedbuck, not to mention the numerous Lion prides and Spotted Hyena clans.


Chief Nsalamba Rest House

Katavi Wildlife Camp
Mbali Mbali Katavi Lodge

Chada Katavi


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