Tanzania Guide: Joachim

Joachim Tanzania safari tour guide


Joachim was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I asked A LOT of questions about Tanzania government/culture as well as the animals. He answered everything in detail. He is also a very safe driver and has a great rapore with all of the other hospitality workers that we came into contact with.

Exceeded our expectations.

We had 2 guides Noel and Joachim. They were phenomenal!! They were very tuned in to our groups wants and needs and everyday they met and exceeded our expectations. They were fun, interesting and super knowledgeable about the animals and culture of Tanzania. They went above and beyond to make our time with them amazing. Thanks to them and their guidance it was a trip of a lifetime and I would highly recommend them to my friends and family. We traveled in a group of 12 with 6 kids aged … Read More

Joachim is the best

We had an amazing experience, and we attribute the joy, success, and adventure of the trip to our guide (and now friend for life), Joachim. From picking us up at the airport, Joachim was extremely attentive to our needs, telling us “your wish is my command”, and he went above and beyond to deliver on that message. He was consistently checking in to make sure we had everything we needed. He has great communication skills – speaking very clear English, but more importantly, doing an excellent job communicating the agenda, … Read More

Wonderful trip that far exceeded expectations – thank you Joachim!

Joachim was phenomenal!!! As stated previously, we connected with Joachim from our first brief meeting the day before we began our safari. He was a very effective communicator and was sensitive on picking up on our needs. He could tell when we wanted to stay and observe animals, and knew when to ask if we were ready to move on. We felt comfortable sharing our thoughts and asking him questions. When we set out on our safari we didn’t have a particular “check-list” of animals we wanted to see. Joachim … Read More

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