Tanzania Guide: Nasibu

Naisibu tanzania safari guide

Amazing adventure!

Nasibu was a great guide! Very knowledgeable and worked very hard so that we got to see the most animals possible!

I wish I could do it all again.

Nasibu was professional. Thoroughly knowledgeable. I loved his interest in birds, my particular favorite. Friendly and comfortable to be with.

Couldn’t be a greater 1st safari experience

Quieter guy (we knew this from reading reviews), but still very friendly. Nasibu has a dedication to customer service – on the lookout to ensure we were happy; for example stopping the car when he saw us readying the DSLR, and getting my lost laptop back! Good eye for animals in the distance.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Nasibu was prompt, helpful, and a definite plus to our vacation. When we had problems with the truck he got them worked out very quickly (I was impressed at his ability to sort out the fuel feed issue). I enjoyed my time with him.

Spectacular Adventure

Outstanding on every aspect. A real class act, knowledgeable and hard working. Nasibu showed us everything we asked for and more. He loves his job and his people and that showed in the communities we went to, he was respected and liked by everyone. He saw animals and it was was amazing that he found them, he didn’t stop searching until we seen everything! He knew the habits of the animals and patiently waited until they ” performed” in front of us. I can’t say enough about him. His driving … Read More


Nasibu was awesome – he really tried to cater the schedule and route to what we wanted to see and our energy levels. We changed to the Banana Village tour instead of the Masai which I think was good.

It really was a trip of a lifetime

Extremely pleased with Nasibu! He was personable and professional at the same time. He made sure we stayed on a daily pace that we felt was comfortable and he showed his experience on the game drives — knowing where to go on the trails, knowing when to pause for observation and also having the ability to spot animals that the inexperienced never could have.

Best possible guide

Nasibu was a fantastic guide, he was kind, friendly and was easy to talk to. His English is fantastic and he had a great breadth of knowledge about the animals we were seeing and of the country. Nasibu had an uncanny ability to spot animals that otherwise we would have missed and we always seemed to be in the right place at the right time to catch animals. Nasibu seemed to have good standing with other guides which I think helped to contribute to the success of our safari. He … Read More

A2T- they really DO know Tanzania!

Nasibu was fun to hang out with and he knew all the great spots to find the animals. True to his name, we were very lucky in our viewings – we saw all sorts of crazy things like ostrich mating dance, pride of cubs, 3x migration crossing, cheetah, leopard in the tree — you name it. Nasibu also has eagle eyes — he can spot things from miles away. Made me realize why I can’t be a guide because I can hardly see half the stuff he manages to spot!

Nasibu was great!

Nasibu was great … no complaints at all.

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