Father / Son trip of a lifetime

Willy made us feel safe and well cared for…this cannot be understated. This allowed us to relax and settle into the vacation. He planned ahead, communicated well, and adapted as needed. We expected to see lots of animals…which we did. But Willy consistently put us in situations that felt unique and special. He was great at anticipating animal movements, and put us in great position for photos. He even borrowed our camera to take unique pictures…especially with the Masai.

We had a challenging drive from Ndutu to the Serengeti due to rain and muddy roads. Willy kept his composure, despite difficult conditions, and allowed us to stay relaxed. He even stopped to provide assistance to another driver in need. We expected nothing less. A man of high character.

Finally, Willy is an interesting man, and brought a personal touch to the experience. He did a nice job of sharing cultural knowledge, and exposing us to life in Tanzania. He was a pleasure to spend time with…at meals and in the vehicle. We feel very fortunate to have spent the week with Willy.

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