The Peter Guarantee

Peter was awesome! His wildlife spotting was off the charts. He kept telling us how lucky we were…only waiting 30 minutes for a Great Migration River Crossing, seeing two cheetahs within minutes of entering the Central Serengeti, watching a hyena try to steal a mother leopard’s gazelle kill and watching the mother leopard come out of nowhere and drag the gazelle up into the tree, then watch the hyena walk away, and many more! We told him it wasn’t our luck, but because we had the best guide. We called it “The Peter Guarantee”.

He got all along with all members of our family and my teenage boys thought he was great! He became one of the family when we all teased my 15 year old about being able to sleep anywhere/anytime! He also joined in in teasing my husband for taking over 6800 photos!! His vast knowledge of the wildlife was astounding and he shared lots of information about the people and culture of Tanzania. You can tell that Peter loves his job and loves introducing visitors to his beautiful country.

Guide Name

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