“Great company — professional and knowledgeable staff”

Mindy H. (USA)

“Liked the website. Lots of info to look over. Liked speaking with Karen especially the interview just before we left on the trip which calmed any anxiety I had regarding the trip.”

Floran B. (USA)

“Overall impression is fantastic. The planning process was seamless and the team definitely knows what they were doing. Once in country we had no issues with our guides, hotels, or transportation. Expectations were established up front and we had no surprises.”

Samantha U. (USA)

“Very organized, professional, alleviated anxiety about Africa.”

Lolita O. (USA)

“An excellent organization!”

Charlie O. (USA)

“I was very satisfied with all the communications we had with Karen. The plans were clear, and she met all my requirements in terms of lodging. The service was very professional and made my trip very easy.”

Baiba C. (USA)

“Highly organized and efficient.”

Jeric V. (USA)

“Excellent! Extremely professional in every regard.”

Gina C. (USA)

“An excellent company from the very first phone call I felt like Karen was going to make our adventure perfect.”

Kelly R. (USA)

“Great response time, easy to work with, open to changes and suggestions.”

Marianne G. (Canada)
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