Tanzania Guide: Danny

Tanzanian adventure

We were very pleased. Danny was an excellent driver and a first rate guide. We also enjoyed his company in the Jeep and at meal times in the camps. Highly recommended.

Can I do it again?!

Danny is Awesome! Very personable and knowledgeable. Great at spotting animals!

Best trip ever!

Danny was very friendly, yet professional. We felt very comfortable. Went out of his way to make sure we would see the animals we came to see, and then some. Danny could spot animals from far away or in trees/bushes that we would have never noticed. Very knowledgeable about the animals, the local people, and the area. Allowed us to make our own schedule.


Danny’s ability to spot wildlife was amazing. He just seemed to have a gift for it. He was also very knowledgeable about the animals. He knew the names of all the birds we saw and knew the habits of the various animals. He knew taking pictures was important to me, so he was always looking for good picture opportunities.

African Safari Dream

Danny was excellent. He tried his very best to make sure everything went smoothly. He was really knowledgeable and shared lots of information with us. He was a very responsible driver which was very important to us. We would highly recommend him to anyone.

Wonderful safari experience

Excellent. Danny was good company, he was friendly, chatty and with his sense of humor made us feel relaxed straight away. He clearly knows his job extremely well. Not only did he know where to look for animals and could spot them easily, he was also very knowledgeable and we learned a lot from him about the animals and birds we were seeing and their behaviors. This really enhanced our experience. Danny also looked after our welfare and safety throughout and ensured that we had the best possible opportunities to … Read More


Danny, Nasibu, Raymond, Fulgence were outstanding!  I would love to see them if they make a trip to the MN Office of A2T. Their English was excellent (once I bent my ear to the unique accent). Their knowledge about animals was outstanding. Their personalities were fun. They easily became part of our safari family during our time together. They also handled some difficult situations with confidence and success: vans not starting (using the old slip the clutch method) and an unfortunate theft of items from one of the vans during … Read More

Overall a great safari and experience. Access2Tanzania is a fine outfit.

We had four guides. Fulgence, Danny, Raymond, and Nasibu. All are very fine individuals whom my group led. Fulgence was the lead guide and was excellent. Very informative. Very friendly with everyone. Took initiative. Very responsive to our needs. I’m very impressed with Fulgence. The same is said for Raymond and Danny. All three of these would make spontaneous comments about the wildlife along the way. Nasibu was more reserved in his comments and spontaneity. And his English was harder to understand. A fine person, Very informative when you asked … Read More

Our safari was a dream come true

Our group had Fulgence, Raymond, Danny and Nasibu. They were all great and fun to be around.

Human binocular with a great sense of humor combined with excellent driving skills

We really couldn’t expect that our wishes concerning our Safari would have been much more then fullfilled. Danny has a great sense of humor, excellent driving skills combined with natural binocular eyes that really are spectacular. Even by driving the car and watching the right hand side he could spot a hyenas ear which is 300 meters away on the left hand side. Being on road for 8 days really brings people together and Danny is a great personality and seems to be a new member of our family now. … Read More

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