Tanzania Guide: Danny

Our safari was a dream come true

Our group had Fulgence, Raymond, Danny and Nasibu. They were all great and fun to be around.

Human binocular with a great sense of humor combined with excellent driving skills

We really couldn’t expect that our wishes concerning our Safari would have been much more then fullfilled. Danny has a great sense of humor, excellent driving skills combined with natural binocular eyes that really are spectacular. Even by driving the car and watching the right hand side he could spot a hyenas ear which is 300 meters away on the left hand side. Being on road for 8 days really brings people together and Danny is a great personality and seems to be a new member of our family now. … Read More

Very touching experience.

Danny was great, it felt like leaving a little brother behind when we left. Unbelievable ability to navigate roads comfortably while keeping a keen eye for wildlife.

Great trip, great guides

Danny was great, good sense of humor, quick smile, very informed and pretty damn good spotter. He missed his calling as a rally driver! Amazing he can get along on some of those roads. We were pulling folks out and motoring right along. I was traveling solo and the two guys took me in, we gave up on setting me up at all times and basically just set up in the cooks buildings and hung out in there for meals which gave me additional appreciation for what they do, and … Read More

Awesome Safari!

Danny was really nice. He answered all our questions, showed us all animals and knows a lot about the Flora and Fauna in Tanzania.

Hard working

When we first met Danny, we were a little worried because he was so shy. We wondered if he would work out and would be able to really bring Tanzania to life. After a couple of days, he came out of his shell! He was excellent at finding animals and also at seeing when we needed a little break. He took us to a gorgeous waterfall for a picnic lunch one day. Danny worked very hard to make sure that we had a great time. He was so proud of … Read More

We loved Tanzania!

Danny was a personable, and fun guide. He was also a great driver – he really knew the roads, was confident in driving even in foggy weather and on bumpy roads, and his driving was very safe. He was amazing at finding and spotting wildlife – he would see animals so far away without binoculars that would take us so long to even find with the binoculars. He was very dedicated and customer focused – When I told him I really liked the cats he was so adamant on finding … Read More

A great time with A2T

Danny has been an excellent guide: an eagle eye to find wild animals, knowledgeable about the animals and the country, and very nice at al times

Awesome guide/person – highly recommended!

Danny went above and beyond to make sure our safari experience was excellent. He had a great personality and was an exceptional animal spotter. His English was also pretty good.

A trip like no other

Our driver, Danny, was so awesome. He made the trip. We had so much fun learning about Tanzania, the Maasai, his family, him! He also was on a mission to make sure we saw everything we wanted to and more! We nicknamed him Eagle Eyes because he would see a black dot 5 miles away and say “get your binocs, there is a hyena over there” – and there was!

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