Tanzania Guide: Raymond

Raymond Tanzania Vacation Tour Guide

Outstanding in every way

We had the best time with Ray. His knowledge of wildlife has to be unmatched. He knew where to find them, he could spot them while driving with his bare eyes when they just looked like a speck to everyone else. He went out of his way to accommodate us. We told him we wanted to try Tanzanian food and he arranged two different special meals for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. I believe Ray is the reason we had such an incredible trip.

Trip of a lifetime

Raymond is just an absolute delight to spend time with. He is positive, knowledgeable and so very kind. I wish he lived closer so that I could visit him often. He was the perfect guide for my daughter and me!!

Tanzania’s Animals and People

Raymond was great! He has a great personality and certainly knew his stuff. He was full of facts and stories about Tanzania, its animals, its people, history and much more. He joined us for dinner several times and we enjoyed his conversations. I can honestly say I think he’s the best driver I’ve ever met! How he got us through some of the muddy roads is a mystery to me. He even drove us through a road where a truck was already stuck in the mud, but he went through … Read More

Trip of a Lifetime!

Raymond was fantastic! Pleasant, friendly, engaged in conversation, knowledgeable, excellent guide, knew the animals and their behaviors. If I ever go back I’ll be requesting Raymond.

Animals, birds, and nature.

Raymond was personable and professional. He was not a bird guide, but he worked hard to ensure that we could identify all the birds we saw. He could find mammals! Saw new animals – cheetah, wild dog, and a few gazelles/antelopes.

Tanzania – a land of wonder and excitement

Raymond was outstanding. He met us at the airport and took care of all our needs from that point until he saw us onto the airplane in the Serengeti. Raymond was very knowledgeable regarding attributes and habits of the wildlife. He was also well versed in the culture, history and social aspects of Tanzania. Raymond was attentive to the specific needs and desires of our group of four people. Raymond had a kind and happy demeanor and was a joy to travel with.

Solo Safari

Ray was knowledgeable, professional and kind. He worked with my schedule and was easy going the whole time. He is truly a gem!

What a great guide!

Ray is terrific! He is a talented guide and lovely, fun human being. Each day with him was thrilling. He is so knowledgeable about all species, and an amazing tracker. And he taught us much about his beautiful Tanzania.

Review of Raymond


Travel with A2T if you can!

We felt like Raymond was part of the family. Eagle-eyes while spotting game; quiet; knowledgeable about habits, foods, dung, areas where animals hang out. Professional about keeping his great friend and colleague, Alex’s death from us so as not to impact our trip! (Not necessary but so thoughtful!) Raymond knew about plant/animal interactions too – like ants and giraffes and whistling acacia trees. He found TWO not one leopard tortoise for us! He was willing to hang out for almost an hour waiting for a black rhino to get closer. … Read More

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