Tanzania Guide: Raymond

Raymond Tanzania Vacation Tour Guide

Experienced Travelers

As a couple who have traveled extensively, Ray was better than any guide I have ever come across.

He was absolutely incredible.

We loved every second with Ray. We felt like he knew more about his country/the animals/the parks than anyone we have ever met. He had eagle eyes and made the trip incredible for us. He was exceptional.

Ray is wonderful…

exactly what we were looking for in a guide, professional yet down to earth, went beyond the call of duty. He really does enjoy what he is doing and it shows.

Ray is extremely knowledgeable and patient and funny.

He kept us entertained the whole time. He knew so much about the animals and the landscape of Tanzania that we got to see everything we wanted to see, except wildebeests crossing the Lemala Mara River and a kill (we saw lions and leopards with their kill but did not actually get to see a kill).

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