Absolutely excellent safari in every way.

Fulgence is an amazing guide. Nice guy (which we wanted), responsive to all our needs, diligent (cleaning the vehicle at night before the next day’s journey), and incredibly capable as a guide. We were the Toyota Land Cruiser all other Toyota Land Cruisers wanted to be. We were clearly leaders and not followers. Over time others figured that out, and we often had people follow us just because they figured out we knew what we were doing. That often led to amazing finds, where we were the first ones there. Not only did we find animals hidden in trees and bushes others could not find, but we also stopped and helped another guide stuck in the mud, unable to be extricated by another guide who had already stopped. It was Fulgence to the rescue with his chain, and then with him getting in the stuck vehicle and driving it out. Impressive show. All in all, Fulgence should be commended on all fronts.

Guide Name

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