Tanzania Guide: Fulgence

fulgence Tanzania vacation tour guide

Over the top lifetime safari experience

Wow, wow, wow! 100 % the best guide and driver. A complete eagle-eyed biologist. So experienced, knowledgeable, patient, super teacher and driver. Taught us some Swahili, how to look for animals and birds, and identify them…..Great sense of humour. Very kind to everyone we met. Diplomatic. Loves his job. Hope to meet him again when we return!

Amazing Tanzanian Experience with A2T

Fulgence was All-Pro in the guiding world. He exuded confidence, was clearly respected by all the people we encountered and was fun to hang out with. His ability to spot game was unbelievable and his insight into animal and bird life as well as the ways he helped us learn about the people of Tanzania were invaluable. His counsel on how to manage certain situations (i.e. Masai village visit etc.) made our safari so much more enjoyable. He is a safe, careful, considerate driver.

Access2Tanzania: Exceeds Expectations and offers the perfect safari experience!!!

Honestly… Fulgence is the best safari guide in all of Africa!!! I’m convinced of this!!! Not only is he an incredible person and helpful, kind, considerate and funny, but he has an incredible gift to find animals and position his vehicle impeccably for the perfect picture!! Fulgence gets an A+++ from us!!!!

Do the whole trip again in a heartbeat and recommending Fulgence A2T to all my friends

Fulgence is such a charming, friendly, and wonderful human being. Can’t say enough positives about him.

Embarrassment of riches

Fulgence was a terrific guide who did a great job of recognizing the animals we were interested in seeing and gave us as much time as we wanted to watch them. He was engaging, fun, and knowledgeable.

Wow !

Fulgence had excellent knowledge and was very good at explaining things! He had a great sense of humor and personality which made it enjoyable!

Hapana Nyoka

Totally awesome. Brilliant. Amazing. NASCAR-worthy. Cunning. Eagle-eyed. Compassionate. Attentive to detail. Adventurous. Great sense of humor. I don’t know if I can come up with enough adjectives to adequately describe Fulgence’s performance. He has an amazing ability to get you to the absolute perfect viewing spot, somehow maneuvering so that you can see the animals better than anyone else. And when you are ready to move on, he knows to wait just a little longer and, sure enough, that sleeping lion with stand up, stretch, and walk away or the … Read More

Over The Top Amazing Safari!

We fell in love with Fulgence immediately. He is so easy to be around and has so much extensive knowledge it blew us away. We treated him like he was family and he took us to meet his family. What a treat to get a real experience with his town and wife (and kids) and his Mom. I would use him again and again.

2019 St. John’s Abbey African Safari

Absolutely professional. Accessible to answer any question, help in any way, solve any issue, and share his knowledge. Very knowledgeable. Great leader of the other two guides (Nasibu and Gelasius), they really worked well as a team and I would rate them equally as good as Fulgence.

Amazing guide to Tanzania’s wildlife and culture

Fulgence was helpful is teaching us some phrases is Swahili and his knowledge about the animals and birds was extraordinary. He knew right where to find the animals and got us so close so that we could see everything that we had hoped for. Fulgence assisted travelers find items that they had misplaced including one traveler who’s cell phone fell out of the truck and he used his phone to locate it in the middle of the Serengeti. He went way beyond what anyone would expect to help someone out.

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