Chris M. (USA)

“The entire trip was superbly planned, down to the tiniest details. In the planning stages, Casey was very receptive to what we were looking to do and was very straightforward about the pros and cons of each aspect of the trip. Once it was booked, he was very helpful with helping us plan and figure out what to expect when we got there. All of his recommendations and bits of advice were spot on. In particular, they went above and beyond when we had a problem during the trip. My wife had a reaction to one of the medications she was taking and we needed to seek out a doctor. Casey, our guide Maningo, and the rest of the A2T crew were on top of it, calling us in the middle of Ngorongoro Crater to make sure we got what we needed. Casey and Maningo got a local American doctor on the phone to consult, and we managed to fix the problem pretty quickly. Everybody was wonderful in a moment where we were feeling a bit nervous about what to do.”

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