Kristen K. (USA)

“A2T brings a level of professionalism to every aspect of the safari trip preparation process. We asked for a number of specifics (bean bags for the cameras, an extra battery to power a CPAP) and all was in order in the safari vehicle when we got there. David was asking why we went with A2T and I mentioned using some of these questions to sort through almost 2 dozen tour operators that I contacted on the way to choosing A2T. Having so much information available from A2T at every step of the process, including how to fill out the visa forms (and a link to the form), how much cash to bring for various things, how to pack, etc. makes what is otherwise a complicated and somewhat atypical trip to prepare for very straightforward. Karen spoke with us about why one would wish to choose one versus a different lodge and we found that each one brought a unique, wonderful experience on our trip.”

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