Mary L. (USA)

“First of all, I love that it is associated with Project Zawadi. It felt good enjoying the tour and knowing we were contributing to educational projects in Tanzania. Everything was done professionally and very much catered to our needs. Our guides were fabulous! We asked them hundreds of questions and they could answer about most everything – animal habits, climate, geography. My companion was older and a good friend, but I found she often relied on my to carry her things, help her with her camera or help her in and out of the jeep. It wasn’t long before Wilfred noticed and stepped in. And he did it in a way that made her feel special. His taking on this extra responsibility allowed me to more freely enjoy myself and not miss some of the opportunities I might have if he had not been looking out for her. Ray told us, “You came us our guest but we left as friends.” I couldn’t agree more.”

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