Tanzania Guide: Fulgence

fulgence Tanzania vacation tour guide

Sensational Safari

Nasibu and Fulgence went above and beyond what was expected. They had exceptional local knowledge and accommodated special requests. They were by far the best local guides of any trip we have been on over the past 18 years. We can’t believe how close they were able to get us to wildlife.

Best vacation ever!

Fulgence was very knowledgeable and answered all questions. He was very good at finding where the animals were at a particular time of day. He made sure we all had great access to photograph the best pictures.

The most amazing experience

Fulgence was excellent from the beginning to end, Nothing was too much trouble from chasing our bags that didn’t arrive with us in Kilimanjaro to getting getting one our bags repaired because the zip had broken. His knowledge was just amazing about all the places we visited and the animals we saw. He just seemed to have a sixth sense as to where the animals would be. Still can’t believe just how much wildlife we saw in eight days.

Hakuna shida – Fulgence rocks!

We cannot say enough positive things about Fulgence. He met us at the airport at 1:30am with a smile on his face, getting our relationship off to a great start. He answered every one of our questions about the animals – and since I am a veterinarian, I had many very specific questions. He even found a giraffe skeleton for me! He encouraged us to get out on game drives early to take advantage of the solitude & animal sightings – some days we spent almost 13 hours in our … Read More

Trip of a Lifetime

Fulgence was so knowledgable about the animal behaviors and environment. His vision was impeccable! He could see a tiny dot in the distance and tell you what it was. Then he would drive to it and he was correct! Very warm and friendly!

Best Safari

Fulgence is a great, friendly, knowledgeable, guide who was eager to show us Tanzanian wildlife, and Tanzanian culture. If I could rate his wildlife knowledge 15 out of 10 I would! We loved learning the Swahili words and the song that Fulgence taught us.

Trip of a lifetime to Tanzania

We could not have asked for a better guide. Fulgence was so good with the kids and the adults. He honestly could not have improved on anything. Our whole family still misses him!

Trip of a lifetime

Absolutely the best guy we could’ve possibly had. I cannot imagine anybody being better than Fulgence.

The best ambassador to Tanzania

Fulgence was the highlight of our trip to Tanzania. His temperament, insights and keen eye for wildlife made all the difference in the world. We really got a chance to learn about life in Tanzania through him and he was so generous in sharing his knowledge. Everywhere we went he seemed to have a friend, and they were all happy to see him too – – he’s well respected and trusted throughout the community. He also helped other guides when they were in a pinch. We were always in good … Read More

Our Fabulous Adventure with Fulgence

Fulgence was outstanding. There wasn’t a question he couldn’t answer about Tanzania, the wildlife, everything. We found out later that he was dealing with a colleague’s death while we were there. We had no idea and it did not seem to hinder his performance with us at all. We especially loved all the effort he put into finding new birds for us. We hope Fulgence comes to the Twin Cities someday, so we can say hello to him in Minnesota!

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