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fulgence Tanzania vacation tour guide

Great trip to Tanzania

Fulgence is an awesome guide. He basically saved my life! If he had let me jump out of the jeep at the bathroom in Tarangire and walk around to the door of it, I would have startled a male lion lying there. Who knows what might have happened. He is a very safe and skilled driver, has eagle eyes for spotting wildlife, is persistent in making sure we were seeing everything and had a good photo angle. We also just enjoyed our time with him – he helped our son … Read More

Trip of a lifetime

It was a complete privilege for us to have Fulgence as our guide throughout our recent safari. Fulgence was fun, patient, kind and professional at all times. As a safari guide he was absolutely exceptional. We saw everything there was to see in each of the parks we visited because of his amazing skills. Then we got to understand what we were seeing as a result of his superb knowledge of the wildlife, the environment and the people we met on our travels. A safari should be a trip of … Read More

Absolutely excellent safari in every way.

Fulgence is an amazing guide. Nice guy (which we wanted), responsive to all our needs, diligent (cleaning the vehicle at night before the next day’s journey), and incredibly capable as a guide. We were the Toyota Land Cruiser all other Toyota Land Cruisers wanted to be. We were clearly leaders and not followers. Over time others figured that out, and we often had people follow us just because they figured out we knew what we were doing. That often led to amazing finds, where we were the first ones there. … Read More


Danny, Nasibu, Raymond, Fulgence were outstanding!  I would love to see them if they make a trip to the MN Office of A2T. Their English was excellent (once I bent my ear to the unique accent). Their knowledge about animals was outstanding. Their personalities were fun. They easily became part of our safari family during our time together. They also handled some difficult situations with confidence and success: vans not starting (using the old slip the clutch method) and an unfortunate theft of items from one of the vans during … Read More

Overall a great safari and experience. Access2Tanzania is a fine outfit.

We had four guides. Fulgence, Danny, Raymond, and Nasibu. All are very fine individuals whom my group led. Fulgence was the lead guide and was excellent. Very informative. Very friendly with everyone. Took initiative. Very responsive to our needs. I’m very impressed with Fulgence. The same is said for Raymond and Danny. All three of these would make spontaneous comments about the wildlife along the way. Nasibu was more reserved in his comments and spontaneity. And his English was harder to understand. A fine person, Very informative when you asked … Read More

Wonderful experience in Tanzania

Fulgence was very knowledgeable in regards to the trip and all the animals. Was very good at picking out animals in the brush and trees. We also had Raymond, Danny and Nasibu as guides for the group and they were all very good. I would say that Fulgence and Raymond were the most knowledgeable of the guides.

Review of Fulgence

I honestly don’t have any suggestions for how Fulgence could improve – he was awesome! We enjoyed every single minute of our safari! He had the perfect blend of knowledge, experience, humor and friendliness. Fulgence had an answer for every single one of our questions, and we asked a lot! Our teenage kids loved him too. We laughed and learned so much from him, including a lot of Swahili! We felt comfortable with Fulgence from day 1 and it was sad to say goodbye at the end of our safari. … Read More

Our safari was a dream come true

Our group had Fulgence, Raymond, Danny and Nasibu. They were all great and fun to be around.

Fulgence, best guide for a great safari!

EXCELLENT! I cannot tell you how much our party LOVED Fulgence – his professionalism, knowledge, humor, and most importantly, his true love of what he does. He was, hands-down, the best guide I’ve ever had. We continue to keep in touch via whatsapp, and really cannot tell you how amazing he was!

Review of Fulgence

Fulgence was great. Always pleasant. He was fantastic at spotting the animals (great vision) and was as excited to find some of them as we were. That was helpful because it was during those times that it felt like he was sharing the experience with us instead of just being the guide. Despite some very rough roads and significant bumps, I was surprised that I did not get nauseous riding in the van and I attribute that to Fulgence’s driving skills. I always felt safe with his driving. I think … Read More

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