Tanzania Guide: Maningo

Maningo Tanzania vacation tour guide

Honored all of our requests.

Maningo was great. Very friendly and informative.  He was very tied in with the other guides via radio, which helped us to find some of the more rare animals.  Anytime we had a request or suggestion, it would be honored, but most of the time Maningo would just plan and work all of the details so we could just sit back and enjoy the trip.

I recommend him.

Maningo was a great guide and I would not hestitate to recommend him to anyone traveling to Tanzania!

Truely Awesome

Maningo was a truely awesome guide. He had unbridled enthusiasm for finding all kinds of wildlife and at the same time he was very considerate of our needs.

Exceptional Guide

Exceptional guide.  Maningo is extremely knowledgeable and spotted an amazing assortment of wildlife for us including big game, birds, special plants.  It was very hard to say goodbye at the airport and we wished he could have continued to Selous with us.

Maningo has a genuine love of his country….

and was eager to share as much as he could about the country, its people and of course the national parks. His knowledge of wild animal habits and habitats made the trip so interesting. He exhibited a positive energy day in and day out! His superb driving ability gave us a calm assurance that we were in expert hands.

Maningo was fantastic.

Great sense of humor, and excellent game tracker.

He was outstanding.

He was extremely knowledgeable, an excellent driver, professional and lots of fun.

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