Tanzania Guide: Maningo

Maningo Tanzania vacation tour guide

Access 2 Tanzania – 11 out of 10

We would rate Maningo with 11s across the board if we could – he was wonderful! He has an impressive eye for identifying, tracking and spotting animals. Our first full day with him at Lake Manyara he spotted a group of lions in a bush that several other guides had missed. He taught us how to identify different types of gazelle and has an incredible knack for reading animal behavior. We were able to watch a lioness hunt and a wildebeest give birth thanks to his instincts. He told us … Read More

Review of Maningo

We thoroughly enjoyed spending our week with Maningo. He was patient. kind, knowledgeable, and an excellent and cautious driver that made us feel safe at all times no matter the terrain. He has a nice sense of humor that made his presence very pleasurable and he was always attentive, respectful and discreet. He was always ready with information about the wildlife including access to a handy reference guide and an app to identify bird calls.

Trip of a lifetime!

Maningo was charming, knowledgeable, and a great driver! He did his best to accommodate our needs and was genuinely excited to share his knowledge of the Serengeti.


Maningo was amazing!! Super knowledgeable and and always able to get us to just the right spot to have some amazing animal encounters. He’s also hilarious, and kept us laughing throughout the trip.

Perfect Safari, Great Guide

I can’t imagine a better guide than Maningo. In addition to being extremely fun to be around and enjoyable to talk to, he was totally organized and punctual and knew everything we needed to know as we progressed through the safari. He ensured that every step of the trip went smoothly and that we didn’t have to second guess anything or keep track of all the details, enabling us to focus on the wildlife and relaxing in the evenings. Finally, Maningo’s knowledge of wildlife, his ability to spot animals, and … Read More

Awesome safari in Tanzania

Maningo was great! He shared lots of interesting facts and stories about the animals we saw and made sure we saw everything we wanted to see. He was also very respectful of the wildlife. We saw other trucks that would pull as close to the animal as possible while they were trying to cross a road or move away from the vehicles and Maningo never did that. He would find a good spot and stay there and wait for the animal to come close. He always made sure we had … Read More

Lions and Zebras and Leopards…Oh My!

Maningo is wonderful. I think he loved the animals as much as we did. He has a laid back personality and is pretty relaxed.

An excellent travel and safari experience!

Maningo was excellent. He was so helpful, knowledgeable and a patient with all our questions. He struck just the right balance between providing us guidance and structure and letting us enjoy things at our own pace. I would recommend him without reservations.

Maningo made our journey memorable and perfect!

Maningo tailored the trip to us – he focused on birds for our daughters and was wonderful about finding many different animals. He was a safe driver and always double checked everything. Best of all, he has a beautiful personality and great sense of humor. We enjoyed being with him very much!

A+ tracker

Maningo did such a good job spotting and tracking animals during our game drives. He had great vision, and also had a great sense of when to stick around (as other vehicles were leaving) because he knew the animals would become more active or move. It’s like he could see into the future.  Highly enjoyed my time with him.

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