Tanzania Guide: Maningo

Maningo Tanzania vacation tour guide

An excellent travel and safari experience!

Maningo was excellent. He was so helpful, knowledgeable and a patient with all our questions. He struck just the right balance between providing us guidance and structure and letting us enjoy things at our own pace. I would recommend him without reservations.

Maningo made our journey memorable and perfect!

Maningo tailored the trip to us – he focused on birds for our daughters and was wonderful about finding many different animals. He was a safe driver and always double checked everything. Best of all, he has a beautiful personality and great sense of humor. We enjoyed being with him very much!

A+ tracker

Maningo did such a good job spotting and tracking animals during our game drives. He had great vision, and also had a great sense of when to stick around (as other vehicles were leaving) because he knew the animals would become more active or move. It’s like he could see into the future.  Highly enjoyed my time with him.

Very Exciting Safari

Maningo did a great job in guiding us through the safari and we were able to see everything we wanted to see. He was very outgoing and knowledgeable and we were able to get to see animals we wanted. He found out that my favorite animal was the cheetah and made sure that we found some for me to see. We were also able to see lions climbing trees after his insistence that we stay in a certain spot as other jeeps were driving away. He did a great job … Read More

Super Safari!

Maningo is awesome! He worked so hard to make sure we saw EVERYTHING! He is super easy to be around….us maybe not so much for him! 🙂

Maningo’s Performance

Maningo is great — very calm and flexible to what we wanted. Only feedback would be for him to give his opinion more! He is experienced and when we heard from stories and examples, they were very insightful!

Pam and Ellie’s mind blowing African vacation

Maningo is simply an amazing guide and a credit to his profession. From our first meeting to our sad farewell he did everything possible to make our safari meaningful, educational and beautiful. He is passionate about his work and we caught his enthusiasm for Tanzania and its treasures. At the end of our time together, on the the way to the airport he wouldn’t rest until we saw a male lion and a leopard to give us our “big five”. He showed us so many amazing things and taught us … Read More

Experience and Enthusiasm

Even though Maningo has been a guide for years, he is still excited to see all the animals and it is clear that he works hard to show his clients the best possible time. His expertise and experience made our trip awesome! He is an excellent driver, which is not an easy task on the very steep and rough roads we traveled! He taught us patience, and our patience usually was rewarded by amazing animal sightings. We nicknamed him “Eagle Eyes”, as he found even camouflaged animals and showed us … Read More

A great safari with a great guide

Maningo was very attentive to our every need. He was amazing at spotting animals and getting in spots for GREAT photos. While he was great and I can’t say enough about his kindness and knowledge base, one thing stood out. We had stopped at a Masai village for a visit and a very young (2-3) year old boy really affected my wife. He would hold her little finger and walk with her and after we left, I had forgotten to leave the tip that I had in my pocket. My … Read More

Amazing Adventure

Maningo was very experienced and responsive to our needs on the safari. Discussed with us each night what we were interested in doing the following day. At the same time, provided excellent advice/suggestions. On safari days, he did a terrific job of finding amazing sightings and animal encounters.

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