Tanzania Guide: David

David Tanzania vacation tour guide

Outstanding safari adventure starring David!

David was the perfect match for our family. He was so knowledgeable about the animals. He has been a guide for 14 years or more and it shows! We were amazed that HE still gets amazed at the sights and animals. He really loves his job. He wants his clients to get the best experience they can.

Amazing time!

Excellent! David worked hard to make sure we had a great view, good light for photos, etc! He was flexible to meet our needs. I would recommend him very highly!

Review of David

Entertaining & funny. David always found the best locations/vantages for our group to view the wildlife.

Best safari, guide, and consultant company around!

David was very knowledgeable and communicative. He really did his best to quickly learn our likes and dislikes and catered our days around that. He has a great sense of humor and if we asked any animal/plant/geography/park questions he didn’t immediately know the answer to (very few overall), he took the time to research the right answer. He went the extra mile every day for us.

Happy to have gotten to know him

David was really good. He was attentive, especially to our children. We are very happy to have gotten to know him. Would recommend him to others.

David knows his wildlife!

David was awesome! He was friendly and personable and also very knowledgeable about the country, the animals, the driving, etc. He planned each day of our stay with us in mind but also with the best times and places to see all the animals. He wanted to make sure we were satisfied and that we had the best experience he could provide and that is exactly what he did! I can’t imagine navigating around the country and the parks without a guide and David was outstanding! He made our visit … Read More

The Perfect Safari!

David was completely amazing. He had a 6th sense for where the animals were, but was also sensitive to our interests and time. He knew when to take a break, when we needed water or a rest stop, and when we should break out the snacks. He meshed with our family so well and was sincerely interested in us and in making our safari experience the best it could possibly be.

Review of David

David was fantastic!

6 out of 5 stars!

We now consider David a part of our family. He went out of his way to ensure that our trip was successful. He is a master at wildlife spotting and anticipating behavior. He is also masterful at communication, navigation, comedy and so many other things. I can’t imagine a better guide for photographers. Not only did David find amazing wildlife, he was keen to position the truck for optimal lighting and photo framing. He completely understood the needs of photographers and never once tried to rush us away from an … Read More

Honeymoon paradise!

David was fantastic in every respect. In addition to being so knowledgeable about all wildlife, the vegetation, culture, etc., he was funny and entertaining and really kept a smile on his face all day, every day. He kept us on schedule, making sure we were exactly where we needed to be, on time every single day. He made every effort to get us to the right spot at the right time and his intuition was spot on. He really made our trip.

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