Lukuba Island

Description: This island is 12 km offshore northwest of Musoma and actually contains two islands plus numerous small islets. The islands are fringed by lush vegetation and dotted with the massive boulders so characteristic of this part of Lake Victoria. In addition to several small villages and seasonal fishing camps, the islands are home to monitor lizards, red monkeys and dozens of bird species – about 70 have been identified thus far. They make an enjoyable excursion from Musoma, especially if you’re interested in getting a feel for life on the lake, or in birding. Don’t miss climbing one enormous, flat-topped boulder for spectacular sunset views.

The lovely and intimate Lukuba Island Lodge, on the smaller of the two many islands is the only accommodation and a wonderful getaway. There are just five cosy stone-and-thatch bungalows on the lake shore, a pretty beach, and the chance for short walks, birding and boating. Fully equipped fishing can also be arranged. The cuisine is tasty, the ambience laid-back and the lodge comes highly recommended. Arrive by speed boat (45 minutes) departing from New Tembo Beach Hotel.

Things 2 Do: Leisurely hikes, boat rides, fishing, relax on beach



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