Tanzania Guide: David

David Tanzania vacation tour guide


David was very experienced, flexible, accommodating to our needs, and fun to be with.


Our guide (David) did an excellent job of finding, pointing out, and giving us names (for those animals/birds we did not recognize. A very skilled driver. Knowledgeable and resourceful as to locating and providing info re/ animals and their habits. Gave good advice when a bout of travelers revenge hit me. His plus the fact that we were well prepared with anti diahreal meds and antibiotic had excellent results – no interference with our trip.

Meeting your needs

David learned that Shane liked beer while we were sitting in a restaurant near the Masai Market, enjoying beer. (David had a soda.) Shane asked a few questions about the local alcohol and specifically about mbege (banana beer). David asked if he wanted to try it and Shane responded, “yes, if we can find it.” David told us we could probably get it in his village. I didn’t realize he was serious. That afternoon on our way to Plantation Lodge we stopped at the “bar” in David’s village where he … Read More

David was awesome and very attentive.

He knew that photography and adventure were the main points of our safari and he made that happen. He was great at spotting the animals and we were able to see everything we wanted and more.

David is a great guide.

We had lots of fun with him and he made our trip unforgettable. The way he acts during the safari is inspiring.

David was amazing.

He was kind, friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and went above and beyond! He had such a positive attitude and really tried to show us everything possible. Sometimes I thought he was more excited to see things than we were! David also took us to two villages that were not planned stops just because we asked.

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