Tanzania Guide: Fulgence

fulgence Tanzania vacation tour guide

Fantastic family experience

Fulgence was absolutely amazing. He is a delight to travel with. Warm and kind with a very sly sense of humor. Great eyesight and deep knowledge of the area and the wildlife, especially the birds. Infinite patience for picture taking and repetitive questions.

Best Honeymoon Ever

Fulgence is the greatest guide you can find in Tanzania. He loves his country, his job and everything related with the nature, wild animals and history of Tanzania; and he is so passionate about it that it gets contagious. We now love and admire Tanzania in so many ways thanks to what we learned with Fulgence. He made our experience unique and adventurous, exceeding all our expectations. A giant thank you to him from us!

A great guide makes the trip, and Fulgence is that

Fulgence was an amazing guide and a wonderful person to be around. In terms of being an excellent guide: we would come back to camp telling people what we had seen that day, and they would always say we were so lucky. After a few days of this, we realized it couldn’t just be luck, but also Fulgence’s knowledge and skill that made it possible. Some of it may be good karma for him as well, since he was always the one to stop and help others who were stuck … Read More

Our Tanzanian Safari – The Best by Far

Fulgence was the best guide we could have asked for. We got great feedback on Fulgence from Mike and Lisa and requested that he be our guide when we booked the safari.

Perfect safari with Fulgence

Fulgence was an amazing guide, and I will definitely request him if I’m able to do another safari. He is extremely knowledgeable about wildlife and taught us a lot about the interactions between various animals, plants, and soil conditions across seasons/parks. He also has a great respect for all of the animals – he would even avoid hitting dung beetles in the road. Finally, we had a lot of fun with him. Fulgence is hilarious, and we spent a lot of time laughing. I noticed that many groups using other … Read More


Fulgence is a great guide. He had amazing knowledge of birds,animals, and reptiles. He had an uncanny ability to see/ sense amazing sightings. His sense of good photo opportunities, as well his willingness to move vehicle multiple times to create amazing photo shots made for wonderful photos, even for Lynn (point & shoot ) well as for Ken (long lens SLR photographer) . Fulgence knew everyone in the parks! His connections with other guides and rangers gave us incredible opportunities.

Fulgence is the best

Fulgence was an amazing guide. He was warm, friendly, crazy amount of knowledge about wildlife and culture, and had keen eyes to spot wildlife. He was fun to be around and had a great sense of humor. He was extremely committed to his job and never gave up finding the predators, even when many other guides did.

Thanks for the Memories

I cannot praise Fulgence enough. Very knowledgeable, calm, organized, cheerful and fun. He is very loyal to Access 2 Tanzania. Driving outstanding – missed nearly every pothole, my wife commented during the safari.

Best adventure of our lives to date

Fulgence is now part of our family. We correspond with him regularly on Facebook. Great man, good heart, wealth of information. He was funny and informative and always had our best interests at heart.

Beyond Amazing Experience

Fulgence was so fun and informative. We had the best time with him and look forward to our next trip. He has his whole heart in the game and was willing to do whatever we were up for. Very long, active days with no complaints. He is such a valuable resource and as I have said… a great Ambassador for Tanzania and A2T! He is part of our extended family now.

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