Tanzania Guide: Fulgence

fulgence Tanzania vacation tour guide

Fulgence has a keen eye to find animals!

Fulgence, was the very best. No matter what I wanted he always provided it except we usually had everything we needed without asking. He was fun and interesting and always had great answers to every question I asked. We would be driving along looking for animals and all of a sudden he would stop the vehicle, point and say “9:00 lion”. I never could figure out how he knew that an animal was there. But he did this again and again! Spotting animals while driving. We saw everything. Not just … Read More

Wonderful fun!

We especially want to tell you how much we enjoyed Furu.  Not only did he do everything you would want a guide to do (i.e. expertly drive the vehicle, spot animals that were invisible, provide tons of information about his country and all the animals and birds we were seeing, and patiently answer even the dumbest questions) he was also very kind and wonderful fun.

We had an unreal guide (Fulgence).

We were very fortunate to have him. His presence and company became an essential part to us truly enjoying safari and having an amazing time. His experience and passion for his job showed in his knowledge and general interest for safari and the Tanzanian culture. I would defiantly recommend him specifically to a colleague traveling with A2T.

Above and beyond

Fulgence not only was a great tour guide but he went way above and beyond expectations to make us happy.  For example, he overheard me telling Aimee that I love exotic fruit and the next day he showed up in the jeep with some different types of bananas and custard apple.  We mentioned to him that we wanted to try some of the local food and on the day back to Arusha he stopped at a small restaurant and we were able to eat traditional ungali porridge and barbequed meat.  I also said I’d like a Tanzania soccer jersey … Read More

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