Tanzania Guide: Noel


Great 40th birthday trip!

Noel was amazing. He made sure we got to see all the animals and visit as many places as possible.

Noel the best guide!

Thank you to Noel, who was our guide. He is an incredible kind and kind person. We managed to see all the animals we wanted because of his patience. He works passionately and loves his job. We really appreciated the feedback on the animals we observed.

Tanzanian treat

NOEL DID A GREAT JOB. Guides have to navigate the personalities of the guest while answering every sort of question and road while assuring the guest sees everything. Noel succeeded in all areas. We knew he could not be expert in all fields, but he was close and still not afraid to go to his reference material when needed.

Proactive on our behalf with appropriate reserve

Noel was overall excellent- listened to our concerns and acted on them. Focused well on our time on game drive. Knowledgeable about the area and wildlife. Concerned for our well being and safety. Impressed with his concern for the park’s well being. Good sense of humor, learned how to read our group.

Noel Was Exceptional

Throughout our time with Noel, he was thoughtful, helpful and informative about flora and fauna as well as cultural issues. He laughed along with us and made exceptional efforts for us to be able to see the wildlife we have come to see in Tanzania. If he didn’t have an immediate answer to one of our questions we could be sure that he would research and get back to us. He was always concerned about our wellbeing and comfort. He was clearly proud of his country and excited to introduce … Read More

Outstanding visit to Tanzania, both a return and new experiences

Noel Tenga was informed, responsive, knowledgeable, accommodating. He worked with us to make the trip meet our family’s needs. He was happy to talk with us about Tanzania and broader elements of our visit. Noel was a very pleasant person, warm, and supportive. He was a careful driver, respectful to other drivers, to animals, and to the environment. He stopped to collect trash from the road in the Serengeti. Noel provided supportive companionship throughout trip. He was well able to work with all in our group, forming personal connections, from … Read More

Go Access 2 Tanzania!

Noel was our guide, game spotter, naturalist, had a wealth of knowledge, and he is also a genuinely good person.

We came for the animals and fell in love with the country

We are not the easiest people to spend ten days with in a car. Noel is a magician. He knew where to take us, when to take us there, how to keep us entertained, and when to give us time for a little quiet. He always made sure that we were on board with his agenda, and when we needed a quick change, he immediately agreed. I can’t say enough about what an incredibly special man he is—we laughed with him and enjoyed his company for a few nights at … Read More

Guide is critical and ours added so much to our trip

Pinnacle. Top notch. Professional in every sense of that word. Courteous. Kind. Noel listened to our priorities. Worked hard to meet them and show us the things we were interested in. Endured long animal drives/days with a smile and his always sparkling personality and sense of humor. Shared our sense of awe, joy, and excitement in seeing all the animals. Built trust so that we just let Noel do his magic each day and boy was it magic. Wonderful man. Flexible. A joy to have in our group. Enjoyed by … Read More

Personable, knowledgeable guide! Highly recommend.

Excellent! Noel was so kind and knowledgeable. He could sense when we were tired and ready to go home for the day, so he would give us options. He was always on time or ahead of our start time. He was very kind with us when we were running a few minutes late at breakfast. He was personable. Truly a wonderful human and a great guide. He had answers to 99% of our questions, and if he didn’t know, he seemed to have looked it up and followed up with … Read More

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