Tanzania Guide: Wilfred

Wilfred Tanzania Safari Guide

A world I’d never imagined

Wilfred and Raymond were fantastic and they were what made our trip as special as it was! They each added something a little different, and had an ease with us and with each other. I liked seeing the respect they have for each other. It is clear they both have a passion for their work. When we were able to see a leopard take down a zebra and then carry it into a tree, we knew we were seeing something rare because of their excitement.

Wilfred Rocks!

Wilfred was amazing. From the moment he greeted us at the airport with his sign and warm smile until we parted ways, he was a great guide. He made me feel so welcome and safe and showed me so many things that I never would have imagined. He was great about helping other members of our group if they needed help getting in and out of the jeep and was always looking out for our best interest. By the time I left, he was like family, and I am still … Read More

Outstanding Guide, Teacher, and Friend

Our guide Wilfred was absolutely THE BEST! He taught us so much about the animals and their behaviors and amazed us with his ability to spot wildlife from great distances and to anticipate their moves and to angle the vehicle so lighting and visibility were ideal for our photos. Wilfred also took superb photos and videos for us and was incredibly patient as we all watched animals mating, nursing, hunting, and feasting on their kills. We saw more wildlife than we ever imagined possible and feel indebted to him for … Read More

Review of Wilfred

Wildfred was great. Knowledgable, calm and hard working. He maintained his interest in finding animals and birds from dawn to dusk.

Once in a Lifetime Trip – Turned into More

Wilfred was spectacular at finding everything and reading the situation to get us in the best location for my photos at the same time was respectful of other guides and length of time in premium spots for viewing. He has built connections and respect from the other guides on wildlife finds and warnings. I loved his story about being a chef and working his way up through college and how he loves what he does, such a great story of dedication and hard work. I ended up getting sick one … Read More

Awesome trip on Safari

Wilfred was fantastic. He knew his stuff and was very friendly and eager to please.

Review of Wilfred

Wilfred was the best!

Terrific vacation in Tanzania

Wilfred did an excellent job!! Can’t say that too many times. He knew where to look for the animals. He was in constant contact with other drivers to find out where the animals are. He was able to tell us about the animals, answer our questions. We asked him questions about the African people. He was very nice and polite. Always smiling. Very friendly.

Review of Wilfred

Wilfred was quite knowledgeable, easy to get along with, and made the trip both fun and educational.

Access 2 Tanzania is a MUST for your safari journey !

Wilfred is an exceptional guide. He is knowledgeable and informative. His personality is great, kind and good humored. His customer service is spot on! Always flexible and willing to accommodate.

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