Tanzania Guide: Wilfred

Wilfred Tanzania Safari Guide

Wonderful Wilfred

Wilfred was everything one could hope for in a guide. He was incredibly knowledgeable in addition to being kind, an excellent driver, and having amazing eyesight. He would spot animals in the distance while driving that some of us needed binoculars to spot. We got to see the big 5 and even part of the great migration (which Wilfred made a special effort to get us to because he knew we wanted to see that). One of the most amazing experiences we had was after having stopped for our bush … Read More

Superb safari trip with Access2Tanzania and Wilfred as guide

Wilfred is simply extraordinary! He was flexible with regard to our needs and took enormous trouble to make sure our first lodge could accommodate our eccentricities. He is a fun and kind and warm person to hang out with. And he is a superb guide – immensely knowledgeable and with an unerring instinct about where to take us to see extraordinary animals. Also an extremely safe and skilful driver which is unglamorous but very important!

Dream vacation

Wilfred was the best. He is so knowledgeable, easy going, and made great recommendations. We had a great time and consider Wilfred a friend for life. We would love to go back to Tanzania just to see him.

Once in a Lifetime Trip

The best! Wilfred was knowledgeable, friendly, fun, etc… We’d ask for him again if we came back.

Tanzania Captured Our Hearts

I think it is really hard to see all of the things a guide does for you on safari until you stop and think and just reflect on that day’s events. I will say that Wilfred is a master of all things seen and unseen. It is obvious he is skilled at getting us from one place to another (he never did tell me how he knows which roads to take through the Serengeti -there are no road signs!), he can conjure a lion or two around any bend in … Read More

Incredible Safari Experience

Wilfred far exceeded my expectations. He went above and beyond to ensure we had a great experience. I also still stay in contact with him now as I see him as a lifelong friend.

The absolute best guide in Tanzania.

We could NOT have been more happy with Wilfred’s performance. He was the one who made our Tanzania experience one of a lifetime. He has so many positive behaviors that led to great experiences that it’s hard to put into words how happy we were that he was our guide. By the end of the tour, he was like family to us.

Magic in Tanzania

Wilfred was the best you could ask for. Simply amazing. Not a single complaint at all. We saw the entire big 5 on our first day – hard to complain about that! He was very social and down to earth. Best guide out there in my opinion.

A Dream Come True in Tanzania

Wilfred was extremely knowledge and we came home having learned so much about the wildlife and the parks. I loved that he would let us just sit and watch the lion prides and elephant herds. These moments are what were truly special – just being able to observe these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. He knew that I loved the elephants, so would always stop so that we could capture our photos. It was my husband’s birthday, and Wilfred went above and beyond to arrange a cake and birthday … Read More

The Most Spectacular Vacation We Ever Had!

Wilfred is a super star! He is so knowledgeable about all the animals. He worked hard to make sure everything went right and we had the best experience we could possible have. We saw over 65 lion sightings alone, and 45+ other species which you would never see anywhere but a zoo. He knew so much background information. He is intelligent, has a great sense of humor, and loves his job. We see you Wilfred!

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