Tanzania Guide: Willy

Willy Tanzania Safari Tour Guide

Absolutely incredible!

As far as we are concerned, Willy is the “BEST” guide you have!!!! Not only is Willy personable, he is extremely knowledgeable about the area, the animals, even what the best lighting is to take pictures! He added soooo much to our trip that someday I would love to bring my husband to Tanzania and we would definitely request Willy.


I can’t say enough about Willy. He was 100% reliable and made us feel totally safe. He was a safe driver, negotiating difficult roads. He had an eagle eye for animal viewing, always arranging the jeep for the best photo opportunities. Beyond his high level of competence, he was gracious and warm, funny and helpful, and just great to spend two weeks with. He “read” us well, instinctively knowing when we wanted to interact, and when we wanted a little quiet time. He was ethical, helpful and thoughtful. My husband … Read More

Life changing!!

Willy was amazing!!! So knowledgeable… so kind and funny …. I can’t imagine our safari with anyone else!!!!

Review of Willy

Willy was a great guide. Always trying to accommodate as best he could.

Wonderful experience

Willy was very professional, friendly, funny, great knowledge about culture, country, fauna and flora.

Fantastic trip from planning to execution


Terrific experience

We thought Willy was a fantastic guide. He was very accommodating and always made sure we were happy with the daily plan, rather than just telling us what we would be doing that day. He was extremely knowledgeable about the areas we visited and all the animals we saw – any animals we mentioned we would like to see he found for us. He even suggested a slight change to our itinerary in order to do the Crater in the morning instead of the afternoon, as on our original itinerary, … Read More

Father / Son trip of a lifetime

Willy made us feel safe and well cared for…this cannot be understated. This allowed us to relax and settle into the vacation. He planned ahead, communicated well, and adapted as needed. We expected to see lots of animals…which we did. But Willy consistently put us in situations that felt unique and special. He was great at anticipating animal movements, and put us in great position for photos. He even borrowed our camera to take unique pictures…especially with the Masai. We had a challenging drive from Ndutu to the Serengeti due … Read More

Trip of a lifetime

Willy is very friendly. Knowledgeable. Incredible spotter! Flexible. Works well with photographers.

Trip of a lifetime

Our guide Willy is a wonderful human and he was the perfect guy for our group. He has a wonderful sense of humor, he is kind and approachable, and has an innate sense of where to be, where to go next, etc. We are so happy to have met him and spent so much time with him.

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