Tanzania Guide: David

David Tanzania vacation tour guide

Maningo was the best guide

Maningo is an amazing and funny guy who found all of the animals on the list! The wildebeest migration was amazing.

Tanzania rocks!

David has been with Access2Tanzania for many years. He’s proud to be a senior guide and he does a truly great job. It was charming to see how well known he is among all the other guides working in Tanzania. He knows what he’s doing and he does it with a sense of humor that makes the safari most enjoyable.

Greatest trip we’ve ever been on BY FAR!!

David was fantastic! He was clearly very knowledgeable about the area, the animals and where to go to get the best viewing of what we wanted to see. He kept us laughing and made sure we were comfortable throughout the trip. If/when we go back or if we know of anyone that is going to Tanzania I would surely request David as the guide. In trying to think of any feedback we could give, we could only come up with the thought that David could explain what we’re doing in … Read More


David was wonderful. Very knowledgable about all the animals and locations. Very funny and made the trip so enjoyable.

The safari exceeded our expectations (which were very high).

We couldn’t have been happier with our guide, David. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. You could tell he loves what he does, as he still gets excited about great game viewing. He took us out every moment we could, which is what we wanted. We were anticipating morning and evening game drives, but as stated earlier, most of the time we were out the entire days! His knowledge of the animals and environments was fabulous and he had a great sense of humor, which made us very comfortable with … Read More

A Truly Remarkable Experience

David was everything that Karen had said he would be, funny, personable, friendly, and quite knowledgable. David’s relaxed attitude and style fit with our needs just perfectly. He clearly has a passion for animals as he always seemed as excited as we were to see/experience an animal or a sunset or a sunrise. He never seemed to tire of our endless questions. He took us to village markets, walking us through the maize of stalls, speaking to everyone, giving us a taste of authentic Tanzania culture and life. He left … Read More

We had the best guide, David

David was the best! The other guides called him a wizard, we called him magic! He made sure we saw every possible animal. He was funny and entertaining. He made sure that we got good light for our pictures. He knew all about the animals. He knew which way they were headed and brought us there so the animals came to us. He found a rock for us to have a picnic breakfast that was amazing. I am sure we had the best guide that there is. He also informed … Read More

Great time

David was friendly, knowledgeable, professional and an awesome driver. He was at the airport when we stepped outside and remained with us until we were in the airport waiting for our flight to Zanzibar 6 days later. David’s years of experience were apparent in his ability to find all of the animals. He was often able to anticipate the animals behaviors. It amazed us at how well he could spot animals that we could only see with binoculars. For example he predicted a cougar was going to jump on our … Read More


Excellent at his job, very knowledgeable.

A fantastic trip with an amazing guide.

We have travelled extensively and can honestly say that David is the best tour guide we have ever had. David’s has an obvious love for what he does and the environment he works in and beyond being our host, driver and guide, made sure we were comfortable, refreshed and happy! He has an amazing knowledge of what to look for, where to find it and thoroughly explains what we were looking at when we found it and went out of his way to ensure that we would get the best … Read More

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