Tanzania Guide: David

David Tanzania vacation tour guide

A trip of a life time that exceeded my expectations

David knows the parks and animals and did a great job sharing his knowledge and experience with us.

David – above and beyond guidance

David was amazing. He knew where to be and when to be there in positioning us to get up close to all the animals. He was extremely personable and gave us logical and well thought out plans for each days adventure.

Fabulous African bucket list with my son.

David was a knowledgeable guide in relationship to parks and animals. It was evident he had good relations with other guides and enjoyed the excitement of locating wildlife for our viewing.

Review of David

David was excellent, responsive to needs of first timers and repeat clients, great personality match.

David is an Apex Guide

David was excellent in all ways. We were told that he is one of the longest serving and best guides at A2T and I expect he is. He is extremely well versed in the animal life (especially birds) and the park layouts. Seemed to know and be friends with most of the other guides. Smart, funny and fun to be around. Very passionate about his work and serious about maximizing the experience.

Abundant Animals

David was excellent. He was good with the kids and moved at just the right speed for our family.


Very knowledgeable, friendly and went above and beyond. He always managed to give us the best view of the animals. and always knew the answers to all our questions. Genuinely worked with us to make sure we had an unforgettable experience.

Tanzania was 2 weeks in a dream!

What would we have done without David!? He was the best at getting us to places where we could see animals without a lot of other tourists/avoiding crowds. We really appreciated this! Sometimes I found myself wanting even more information about the animals. That’s most likely because as a zookeeper, I could handle alllll the details. I always enjoyed listening to his knowledge!

Great trip

David is the best guide in town. His English is excellent, as is his knowledge of the animals and birds that we saw. We could not ask for anything more. He is funny, great with people and seems to know everyone we met.

Hakuna Matata

David is an excellent guide. He goes out of his way to make your safari special. We will continue to refer our friends and family to A2T and him.

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