Tanzania Guide: Elly

Elly Tanzania Safari Tour Guide

All you could ask for in a guide — fun, friendly and knowledgeable!

Elly made the trip more than just a safari. He was very patient and willing to share his knowledge of Tanzanian culture and Swahili language, etc. We asked a lot of questions, and he was always approachable and willing to listen. He would ask us what our preferences were and he was a very safe driver. We felt very comfortable the entire time. But it was his ability to make us laugh that made the trip even more memorable for us.


Elly was excellent- he had a great personality and exceeded all expectations we had!


Elly was the best!

Friend for life

Elly is an outstanding guide. He fulfilled many roles with us, game spotter, guide, cultural educator, driver, language translator, protector, and most of all friend. Should Elly ever choose to visit the USA he will always have a place to stay in my home.

Asante Sana Elly!

Elly did a tremendous job of making us feel safe and at home. He’s very knowledgeable about all aspect of the safari, especially when it comes to the animals. Elly was a pleasure to be around and to spend time with. He’s the type of person we would have over for dinner and spend time with. He was patient with us and had a great demeanor. We couldn’t imagine having any other guide.

Great Gratitude for Elly and Access 2 Tanzania

Elly was fantastic. He’s simply a marvelous human. He helped us with our Swahili, helped us negotiate language and social situations in the town where we had spent our early childhood (Shirati, Rorya District, Mara). He noticed that I was interested in trees and plants, so he made it a point to show us plants and name the trees. He stopped for every bird we wanted to see. He was tireless in helping us find lions and leopards and elephants, etc. He entered our banter and became our friend. Also, … Read More

The Best Access to Tanzania is A2T

Elly had excellent English fluency – spoke in a way that we could easily understand even with his accent. He was so good with names of animals and birds. Our impression was that he knows a lot and he was willing to share this but not in an arrogant manner. He was humble and servant-like even if at times we were impatient. He always sought to park the jeep in a way that gives us the best view. – we were four senior citizens in his jeep. We had many … Read More

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