Tanzania Guide: Noel


Exceeded our expectations.

We had 2 guides Noel and Joachim. They were phenomenal!! They were very tuned in to our groups wants and needs and everyday they met and exceeded our expectations. They were fun, interesting and super knowledgeable about the animals and culture of Tanzania. They went above and beyond to make our time with them amazing. Thanks to them and their guidance it was a trip of a lifetime and I would highly recommend them to my friends and family. We traveled in a group of 12 with 6 kids aged … Read More

Amazing and Unforgettable Experience!

I cannot say enough good things about Noel. Noel is really the main reason why our safari was perfect. He was prompt every morning and catered to all of our requests, answers all of our questions, and was extremely knowledgeable about the parks and the wildlife in the parks. We enjoyed eating our lunches with Noel and getting to know him. He went out of his way to make sure we were comfortable at each accommodation before he left for the evening. By the end of the safari, we considered … Read More

Review of Noel

Noel was a very knowledgable and skilful guide. We were impressed by his cautious driving, and always watching to make sure that all of us were safe in his vehicle. He put safety before everything, and we were so grateful for that.

The best Safari experience because of a top notch company and guide

Noel was a thorough gentleman. Our bags did not arrive in Arusha due to the airline fault and Noel was just amazing. He was reassuring and went back the next morning to pick up the bags for us. Throughout our trip he was prompt, courteous, professional and friendly and not overbearing. Loved that he wore his uniform with such pride and class. He stood out amongst other guides. We were so fortunate to have him.

Noel was a great, knowledgeable guide who showed us everything we wanted to see!

Noel was great! He worked so hard and was truly dedicated to ensuring we saw as much as we could.  He was also very patient and offered his expertise – for example if we wanted to watch a herd of elephants for 2 hours he would let us without any complaints. He is also a genuinely nice person and we enjoyed our time with him.

You must go to Tanzania with Access2Tanzania!

Noel was an absolute gem! He was so sweet and accommodating and also knew everything! The few things he wasn’t sure of he would research and get back to us that same day or the next – even down to a little red tick that I was interested in! He drove us expertly all over, gave us info about what we were seeing no matter if it was an animal, a plant, a shop, a mode of transportation, a kind of food, etc. It was a joy to spend time … Read More


Noel was charming and “read” us perfectly. He provided insight on the animals and consulted his book for further information as needed. He was not afraid to turn on the air conditioner when needed to avoid the bugs and was able to ensure the fridge was cold for the beer required on the long drives. He was adept at maneuvering to the best location for our pictures even with many other vehicles around.

Highly, highly recommend!

Noel was thoughtful, knowledgeable, conscientious and fun-loving. He answered questions with integrity and was willing to help out other guides from other companies (like when someone got stuck in the mud).

Safari of our dreams

Noel was amazing, he had great knowledge of the animals, the people and the landscape. He kept everyone engaged.

Noel went beyond expectations

Noel was all-in 110%. Unstoppable and determined to make sure we had the best possible experience. We are avid wildlife watchers and he worked hard to show us all he could. More importantly, he was an incredibly nice and sincere guy. Curious, honest and willing to share his knowledge. We had a lot of meaningful discussions about the wildlife, the world and life in general.

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