Tanzania Guide: Willy

Willy Tanzania Safari Tour Guide

Excellent family trip of a lifetime

Willyyyyyyyy is the best!!! We heard he was great and he was even better! He was always ready with thoughtful information on Tanzania and the people, on animals on the land. He is a warm kind caring and extremely funny and entertaining guide. We can’t even imagine doing another safari with anyone else.  He was extremely punctual – he was always dressed and ready to go well before we were. Also he was seriously a lion whisperer. We saw 52 lions, and not just far away. It was like he … Read More

We had a fantastic time!

Willy was fantastic! He wanted to make our safari exactly what we wanted. He had good insight into what and where we would see animals. He is very knowledgeable about the areas and all of the animals. He suggested we get up for sunrise the last day to go and revisit an area where there was a leopard. We were able to then see the leopard in action. Willy is passionate about the land and the animals.

The trip of dreams

Willy is an amazing person! His knowledge, his respect for nature, his sense of humor, and his kindness made us feel like we hit the jackpot. He felt like a member of the family by the end of the trip.

Fun to chat with!

Willy was excellent. We enjoyed each of the eight 9+ hour days spent with him. Willy is great at spotting wildlife, knowledgeable, safe driver, fun to chat with.

Access 2 Tanzania is THE Company to Book Your Safari

Willy is the best. He was so excited to get out there and drive with us (as opposed to making us feel like we were taking him away from something he’d rather do) and was equally reluctant to head back to camp at the end of the day. He asked us each day what we wanted, gave us options, and then did his best to make it happen. His humor and desire to educate us on what we were seeing was icing on top. Anything we wanted, Willy tried to … Read More

Great Adventure

Willy was very relatable and personable. He had a lot of experience, knew where to take us, made sure we saw as much as possible. He was considerate and flexible with us. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. We even met his sweet son.

The Ultimate Vacation!

Usually feedback includes negatives and positives. there are NO negatives. Wily became our friend on the first day. He is intelligent and able to teach his wealth of knowledge in an engaging and straightforward way even while driving! His discussions of Tanzania, the Masai culture and the animals were always fascinating.He always made all of us feel included from my quiet son to my ever questioning daughter! He was aware if any of us seemed uncomfortable or might need some help in some way. In some potentially uncomfortable situations in … Read More

Wonderful short trip to Ngorongoro

Willy is an excellent safari guide. He was very good about following COVID-19 protocols. He was very knowledgeable about animals and had good suggestions. He listened to our requests and made sure we saw everything we wanted to.

Eagle eyes and the social butterfly

Willy was excellent! From a safari guide perspective I can’t see how he could have done better. He’s knowledgeable about the fauna and flora, has super human eyes (really, amazing), knew the area well and seemed to personally know every guide in the area. He was very conscientious both about our safety and well being, as well as the environment. We found it refreshing that he had to stop to pick up some trash or help out another guide that was having issues. He was engaging and got along well … Read More

Expensive but worth every penny

Absolutely amazing driving skills on very rough roads. We expected he would know a great deal about animals but he also had incredible knowledge of birds (my husband took a picture of every single one and Willy knew all their names!).

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