Tanzania Guide: Willy

Willy Tanzania Safari Tour Guide

Trip of a lifetime

Willy is very friendly. Knowledgeable. Incredible spotter! Flexible. Works well with photographers.

Trip of a lifetime

Our guide Willy is a wonderful human and he was the perfect guy for our group. He has a wonderful sense of humor, he is kind and approachable, and has an innate sense of where to be, where to go next, etc. We are so happy to have met him and spent so much time with him.

Awesome safari experience.

Willy was awesome, always on time, and very professional. He catered to our needs whether it be our preferred drinks/foods and our schedule. It was nice to learn about the culture and country. He seemed to have the sixth sense to find animals on the game drives. So stoked that we saw a Rhino, 2 Leopards, a Cheetah, and many Elephants & Lions. I would definitely recommend Willy.

Eyes like a hawk

Willy was great, very patient with the photogs. Suggested alternative view points and as a result some amazing photos were taken. And we were extremely impressed by his keen eyesight and network of informants to find the cats, etc.  

Vacation of a lifetime

I couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Willy was on time, always patient, got us in the best position to see game and could spot game from what seemed like miles and miles away. Always a pleasure to be in the car with him.

Awesome Experience

Willy was really wonderful. Fun sense of humour, kind and very experienced. He seems relaxed and flexible, always taking into account my needs, safety and itinerary. I was the only one on the tour and so it was of utmost importance that I had a guide that I felt comfortable with and Willy was just great. I would recommend him highly to anyone taking your safari tour.

Trip and guide of a lifetime.

Along with recommending A2T to everyone, we recommend Willy without reservation. We would give him an 11 on the 10-point scale if that were an option. He demonstrated patience, provided a wealth of scientific and cultural information, and was flexible whenever possible. When we suggested any options or alternatives, he was able to either accommodate us or offer more reasonable opportunities. When he felt an early departure was essential, we acceded to his suggestion–and it was always right–even when it meant leaving at 6 AM to go into the Ngorongoro … Read More


Willy greeted us with his warm smile and hugs and off we went on one grand adventure! He was a walking encyclopedia of nature and culture and was always kind and patient with our three generational Safari family! He even went out of his way to drive half a day to retrieve two lost pieces of luggage! He arranged so many cultural experiences for our group which were highlights! He made sure we saw a multitude of animals and outdid himself when it came to viewing the wildebeest migration! He … Read More

Trip of a lifetime

We absolutely loved Willy. He was so friendly, thoughtful, gracious, patient, had a great sense of humor, extremely knowledgeable & respectful of the animals & environment. He always put our best interests first & was always looking for ways to enhance our experience, given it was out first time in his country & only wanted the best experience for us.

Exceeded Expectations

Willy did an outstanding job. He knew what the animals were going to do and placed us in locations to see them best ahead of others. He is also knowledgeable about photography and put the car in the best light for capturing images. He was funny and easily integrated into our family. I personally appreciated his willingness to talk about the cultural aspects of Africa.

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