A guide we would specifically request again and we would recommend to all.

I’ll confess to having been anxious about the match with a guide since I knew we would be spending all day with him for many days. But shortly after meeting Alex at the Arusha airport, we knew it was a great match. He was knowledgeable about culture and wildlife — which included animals, birds, plants, geography, and amphibians — and quickly tailored our safari to include our interests. There were no language barriers and he has a broad knowledge base of animal behavior. Additionally, he has a pleasant sense of humor and an easy manner with all.

We must comment on Alex’s driving. He was a careful and calm driver. We had the opportunity to compare him with some other drivers on the trip (not Access 2 Tanzania drivers) and Alex was far superior. Despite bumpy and challenging terrain, we never experienced motion sickness or discomfort.

Alex was never overbearing and intuited the right level of support for us. He seemed to anticipate our needs before we even realized them. He was an excellent problem-solver. We enjoyed spending meals and rides with him, never tiring of his presence. Alex has a gentle manner and a deep kindness towards all. He exceeded all of our expectations. When we return to Tanzania, we will most certainly request Alex again as a guide. We strongly recommend him.

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