Ann M. (USA)

“Very pleased. A2T clearly respects Africa (Tanzania) #1, and knows how to help first time travelers to Africa prepare to travel, respect local customs and enjoy a lifetime experience. I respect that your drivers are all A2T employees not contract guides. We asked them about working for A2T and they were enthusiastic about achieving a very good job with a good company. They were responsive to our group, personable in every way, and let us know through occasional humor that they enjoyed us and their work.
They really became the heart of the safari experience with their incredible skills and knowledge and ability to know where they were in what seemed to me like the middle of nowhere. I am one of those travelers that likes to know where I am on the planet, and I was totally in awe of driving around Nngorongor and the Serengeti without a sense of direction. I loved it.”

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