Fulgence = best safari experience for our family

Our family loved Fulgence! I imagine most review’s start that way but he was really great. I felt like he was the best guide in each park at finding animals. He does an excellent job of providing educational information in an engaging way to meets everyone’s interests. Our family asked a LOT of questions and he answered everyone of them like it was the first time asked. In my profession, feedback for personal growth is really important and I struggle to identify feedback for him on how to improve. My impression is that other guides might be more interested in their guests – names, what they do, etc. and Fulgence doesn’t ask those questions but I don’t think that is a negative. I just felt like we liked him more than he liked us because we are total fans like I wanted to start a Fulgence fan club during our time there and thought I might cry when we left him. He seems to love his job which makes everyone have a better experience. I cannot even believe how much he knows about the animals, birds, Tanzania, etc. It makes a traveler want a guide like him on every experience. For example, we went on a bush walk and 2 of my kids were totally bored and disengaged because Fulgence had taught us a lot of the information he was providing but in a way that was much more engaging. He is also super funny.

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