Once in a Lifetime Trip – Turned into More

Wilfred was spectacular at finding everything and reading the situation to get us in the best location for my photos at the same time was respectful of other guides and length of time in premium spots for viewing. He has built connections and respect from the other guides on wildlife finds and warnings. I loved his story about being a chef and working his way up through college and how he loves what he does, such a great story of dedication and hard work. I ended up getting sick one day (travel day to the Mara region) and Wilfred was so kind and gentle and concerned about how I was feeling. When I felt better the next day, he was so excited I was back to being ME!! I think he missed me asking all my question and chatting about all the photos. Wilfred taught me trust and patience in just one week, I learned to sit back and trust he would find us the most spectacular events.  Wilfred made us feel so confident in his driving and decisions when choosing the roads.

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