The most amazing experience in a land of awe-inspiring landscapes, sunrises, sunsets and people.

Nasibu made our trip the wonderful experience that it was! He is great! He is very experienced and knowledgeable regarding the animals and the layout of the parks. He knew right where to go to find the particular things that we were interested in seeing, and he made sure that we saw them. I said I loved elephants, and we saw them every day. Troy was interested in cheetahs and leopards, and Nasibu found multiple of each. I wasn’t sure that we would see a wildebeest crossing, and Nasibu showed us three. For one of those, after waiting for some time, many of the other vehicles drove away. Nasibu said, “be patient”, and sure enough, about 20 minutes later they crossed. Nasibu could answer every question that we had and he did so with patience! He was a pleasure to spend time with and had our every comfort in mind. He went out of his way to make us feel special. He arranged to bring a bottle of wine and glasses on a late afternoon drive in Tarangire, so we had a surprise drink during which we watched the sunset. He arranged with Kiota Camp to put our breakfast (everything that was on the buffet) in an insulated hamper one morning in Central Serengeti, and we had breakfast in the open plains on the hood of the Land Cruiser. That is definitely a highlight of the trip! When we mentioned that we would like to stop at the Olduvai Gorge museum on the way to the Serengeti, he made it happen even though it was not on the itinerary (we reimbursed him for the entry fee). I cannot say enough good things about Nasibu.

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